UScellular App

UScellular Activation App Design

The Context
A guy walks into a Walmart, buys a UScellular iPhone right off the shelf, and goes home. He stares at it for a while. Now what? How does he activate this thing?

The Previous Customer Process
Without a helpful, well-designed application dedicated to powering up their device, customers would need to use the obsolete UScellular Pre-Paid activation webpage or go through the Philippines-based call center. 
A better way was possible.

The Goals
Use UX best practices to design a frictionless activation app experience for pre-paid customers.


  • The new (and evolving) UScellular brand identity happening concurrently
  • The incredible pace of each sprint within the agile process
  • Collaboration with UScellular’s internal UX team
  • Collaboration with Deloitte Digital’s development team


We first built the kit of parts and styles that would populate the activation flow. This includes all the reusable elements like headers, footers, form fields, buttons, icons, and type. This evolved as the new brand identity was released piece by piece.


We designed all the base screens and the modified states of those screens based on various user interactions. We connect all the interactions together and bring it to life with a prototype that we can present and test. In that process, we can discover any user journey issues before it goes to development AND provide development with a clearer understanding of expected interactions, flow, transitions, etc.

The app is available now on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Misc. (Archive)

Miscellaneous- Archive Edition

Enjoy this parade of incomplete design work.


Brand / Web / Illustration (2013)

youGo is a brand I was able to build from the ground up. I designed the characters to appeal to a younger audience. They could be customized to look like users, famous people, or characters. Outside of the branding and website, I made youGo styled players for a World Cup promo and produced weekly illustrations for the blog.

Doxa Capital

Brand Identity + Web Design

This design was created for a new investment firm. An ambitious young duo needed a visual identity. I gave them a style that stands apart from the conservative direction of their competitors.

  • Creative Director: Matthew Snyder
  • Designer: Casey Hawes
  • Designer: Jeff Walter

Kraken Kiosk

Travel Insurance Airport Kiosk (2012)

This kiosk was designed to sell travel insurance at New Zealand airports. I designed the interface for the purchase path.


Virgil - Virtual Insurance Assistant

Virgil was a brand/product concept that compares the travel insurance you may already have via your credit cards, and then offers you additional coverage based on your needs. Here I explore the world that Virgil might live in, the objects he might have, and the persona he presents. Is he an accountant? Professor? Scientist? He is YOUR super nerd and trusted resource for all things insurance.


Digital Campaigns / Web Design / UX/UI

Based in Australia, Cover-More Travel Insurance was one of our largest clients at Innate from 2012 to 2017. My Cover-More work included websites, apps, purchase paths, integrated offers, social media assets, banner ad campaigns, style guides, customer dashboards, and much more.

Ciena: Education

A digital campaign for the future of education

The line between virtual and reality has been blurred in today’s classrooms. We’ve brought that concept to life with this surreal design approach. These photographic composites show students transported to other worlds of educational subject matter.

  • Design Director: Casey Hawes
  • Designer: Casey Hawes
  • Designer: Kristen Mallory


A leap forward for the vision of "connected work"

LeapPoint is a digital advisory firm competing against the big four consulting groups. We worked to make the brand feel more authentic, approachable, confident, and modern.

We created a design system that was more flexible and recognizable. That design language brought the identity into their next era of growth and re-established the digital presence for 2021 and beyond.

  • Design Director: Casey Hawes
  • Designer: Casey Hawes
  • Designer: Devin Emery
  • Designer: Kristen Mallory
  • Designer: Cassandra Varenhorst



Here are a few random miscellaneous design pieces. You’ll see podcast covers, social graphics, technical illustration, an illustration concept for T. Rowe Price, and campaign graphics for CRS. A hodgepodge of work for your enjoyment.

  • Designer: Casey Hawes